A CAMPAIGN to help young people in Greater Manchester stay clear of violence is underway.

The "violence isn’t me…I am greater" campaign, aimed at 10–17-year-olds, has been created with help from youngsters.

Workshops, focus groups and surveys have given young people a voice to say they stand against violence and a chance to show what is important to them in life and their hopes for the future.

Young people’s involvement in the campaign over the past 12 months has shaped the final design, which will see their personal values and hopes promoted to inspire youngsters.

This has included focus groups with members of the Greater Manchester Youth Combined Authority, community and youth groups and schools.

Examples of young people achieving their goals in life, alongside information of how to achieve their future goals and how to get help if people experience violence, will support them.

The campaign is part of Greater Manchester’s community-led approach to tackling serious violence.

Led by Greater Manchester’s Violence Reduction Unit, it brings together Greater Manchester Police, Greater Manchester Combined Authority, the National Probation Service as well as health, education and youth justice services and other agencies to address the underlying causes of violent crime and to work to prevent it.

Deputy mayor of Greater Manchester for policing, crime, criminal justice and fire, Bev Hughes, said: “The new ‘violence isn’t me…I am greater’ campaign builds on our community-led approach to tackling serious violence in Greater Manchester and preventing the devastating consequences that violence can have on our young people, their families and communities.

“We want to stop violence from happening in the first place, but to also provide support to those who may already be involved in violence – it’s never too late to make a positive change.

“The campaign works to help young people make positive decisions and provide them with the opportunity and motivation to live violence free lives.

“Importantly, by involving young people in shaping this campaign from the start, their values, aspirations, and what is important to them is front and centre.

"I want to thank all the young people who have been involved in this project so far – your voices have been strong and invaluable.

“Everyone has a role to play in preventing violence and for young people, living by their values, inspiring others and working towards their future, they are playing their part.”

If you are a young person, or a youth or community group, and you want like to get involved in the campaign, visit Iamgreater.co.uk.