AN ICONIC Bolton watch firm has gone back to their roots by relaunching a collection of timepieces celebrating the company’s heritage.

Prestex has been relaunched by Neil Duckworth, under the new name Duckworth Prestex.

A third generation watchmaker, Neil has had a successful career in the industry, being the first person to bring luxury brand TAG Heuer to the UK in the 1980s.

But now he has decided to return to his family firm by creating a range of watches under the Duckworth Prestex brand.

His family founded Prestons the Jewellers in 1869 and first produced pocket watches under the Prestex name in the 1920s.

Neil’s father Gordon Duckworth took over the business in 1948 and expanded the company by opening stores across the north and selling well-known Swiss watch brands including Omega and Rolex. This expansion caused the Prestex range to be discontinued.

Now Neil has relaunched the brand and is making sure Bolton is at the heart of this new business venture.

Neil said: “It’s important for me to based the brand in Bolton as we have a history and a heritage here. Our central logistics office will be based in Bolton, along with our final assembly services and repairs.

“We will have a retailer selling them in the town too. Having grown up in Heaton I know the area well and I still visit my mother who lives here.

“There are a lot of exciting developments happening in the town and as a brand we will be trading internationally so we will help put Bolton on the map.”

The initial range of watches features three variations of two different models, an automatic and a chronograph.

Neil added: “They take inspirations from our original designs, such as the numerals and the train tracks on the outside.

“One thing which was particularly important to me was to make sure the watches are attainable, I didn’t want to create something which was thousands of pounds.

“We’re more than happy to buy old Prestex watches off people if they have one lying around at home.

“The aim is to build up a collection to inspire new designs, even if they are broken and can’t be fixed we urge anyone to get in touch with us.”

The watches will be on sale in the summer. For more information visit