An ambitious new fast food retailer hailing from Bolton is set to launch his new venture tomorrow.

Baz Jethwa, who runs the Spar store in New Lane, Breightmet, and others across Greater Manchester and Lancashire, launched RocketEats in September last year, a new fast food retailer serving burgers, waffles, milkshakes and more.

RocketEats is set to launch at the Spar store in New Lane tomorrow, with plans to expand into Bolton and beyond in the coming months.

The new venture will open in what was the deli section of the Spar shop, with RocketEats creating up to 25 new jobs.

Mr Jethwa said: “We’ve got Spar stores across Bolton and we came up with this concept last year.

“We had the deli section in the store before but people weren’t particularly keen on that sort of service and wanted something that was more grab and go.

“This is a completely new business that will go in its place and has completely changed the look of the stor," he added.

“It has cost over £250,000 to install this which shows how serious we are about it.

“If everything is successful, we hope this can be a good foundation for opening RocketEats at our other stores in Farnworth and then Manchester and beyond.”

Mr Jethwa is opening a new shop later this year in the Circle Square development in Oxford Road, Manchester city centre, where he hopes to also have RocketEats operating, creating a further 50 jobs.

He has taken a lot of inspiration from Archie’s burger restaurants, and hopes he can replicate its popularity and fast rise.

“The Breightmet site will very much be a learning experience for us, seeing what goes well and what we can improve on, to set things up elsewhere.

“Our target audience is definitely for the younger generations at the moment, and we’ve got a lot of great feedback from our branding and social media so far," he added.

RocketEats opens in the New Lane Spar store tomorrow from 11am to 11pm.