Life saving first aid courses launched after a dad's life changing experience have been fully booked up for months.

On the morning of March 7, Jonny Sands, of Westhoughton, woke to find his 10-year-old son, Josh, unresponsive and not breathing.

But he woke up the next morning to what he described as a "living nightmare" as his son was not breathing, with his lips blue and pupils dilated.

Jonny immediately began CPR on his son and managed to revive him while waiting for an ambulance to arrive.

Josh spent some days in hospital recovering and is now back at home, but Jonny is still looking to raise awareness of the importance of knowing CPR and other first aid.

He is therefore running a series of free first aid courses starting April 18, with all sold out until July.

Jonny said: "It's as if nothing's happened to him, it's crazy to look at him now after what happened, his recovery has been quite remarkable.

"It was so scary but we wanted to take any positive we could from it which is one reason why we launched these courses.

"The amount of people who have book on and the amount of nice messages I have got from people have been unbelievable, I can't even put into words how nice they have been.

"We just really want to raise awareness of making sure at least one person per household knows these life saving skills.

"What happened to Josh can just show these events can happen to anyone, he is a healthy kid.

"People remember what happened to Fabrice Muamba too, these things are rare but they happen and it's so lucky I was there to do something for Josh.

"We check him all the time now when he's sleeping but it's crazy to see how well he's recovered. He's playing football again now and I just watch him thinking how did something so horrible happen to him.

"We just really want to raise awareness now that it's so important to have some CPR skills."

The first aid courses have had over 85 people sign up so far, with a justgiving page raising money towards these courses and a defibrillator for Westhoughton having raised over £1,400.

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