AN addict with a criminal past died as a result of combined drug toxicity, an inquest has heard.

Dean Worthington died aged 40 at an address on Beech Avenue, Bolton, on November 12, 2020.

An inquest at Bolton Coroner’s Court yesterday revealed that Mr Worthington had struggled with addiction-related issues, particularly after he lost his mother to cancer.

His sister, Leanne Chadwick, said: "In his younger years, he got into marijuana which quickly led to heroin.

"Recreational use turned to addiction and his whole life seemed to revolve around drugs."

Dean Worthington died of a combined drug toxicity, an inquest heard

Dean Worthington died of a combined drug toxicity, an inquest heard

Worthington was homeless at the time of his death, and had got out of jail a few months earlier.

The court heard from Lisa Rowe, who had known Mr Worthington for four days prior to his death.

She allowed Worthington to stay at her house temporarily due to his circumstances.

She was aware that he was depressed at the time, and said that he smoked heroin the night before his death and ‘seemed in a reasonable mood after that’.

He was in the kitchen when she discovered him on the floor while the chip pan was on fire - lying down and making noises, and the top of his ear had turned blue.

He refused to call an ambulance or to let anyone call one for him.

Toxicologist Julie Walsh found traces of several substances in his blood, including heroin, methadone, cocaine, sertraline, diazapam and morphine.

Coroner Steven Teesdale, who recorded a death of combined drug toxicity, said: "It was unfortunate that he became addicted to drugs at an early age and they dominated the rest of his life.

"There were times when he maintained a drug-free existence, but sadly there were some triggers, including the recent death of his mother."

There were no unusual circumstances surrounding his death, and no evidence of any third party involvement.