A FAMILY business has been passed down to the second generation after it was started in a back bedroom 25 years ago.

Graham Balshaw's children are taking over the ownership of Assembly Solutions LTD, started by Graham when he was 35.

The cable assembly business will be ran by his children Gareth, Sophie and Oliver.

Graham will be acting as a chairman for a few more years, but the day-to-day running of the business will be overseen by his children.

He said: "When I created the business 25 years ago, I never dreamt that Gareth, Sophie and Oliver would all join me one day, let alone enjoy it so much that they would eventually take over.

"It has been a blessing to see all three of them thrive in their positions and grow into such hard working and respectful professionals.

"With all their knowledge, ambition and passion, I can already see they're going to take ASL further than I could have ever imagined, and I will be the proudest father watching them.

"Whilst the actual running of the business is now completely down to Gareth, Sophie & Oliver, I plan on acting as chairman for the next few years overseeing only the very top level information"