A DRUG driver who smashed into a family’s home, causing thousand of pounds worth of damage, has been fined just £120.

Nathan Seddon careered into the garden wall of the house on Ainsworth Lane, Bolton, at 1.20am on September 8 last year, damaging a car parked on the drive, ruining the newly installed resin driveway and sending bricks flying at windows of the home.

Homeowner Dave Edmondson, who had already been campaigning about driving standards in the area, says the crash was the final straw and he and his family have now moved away from Bolton.

Crashed car at Dave Edmondsons home

Crashed car at Dave Edmondson's home

Seddon, aged 28, appeared before Wigan magistrates and has been fined £120 plus £119 in costs and charges and banned from driving for 15 months after pleading guilty to driving whilst unfit through drugs.

Reacting to the sentence Mr Edmondson said: “I was expecting more.

“There are two primary schools near here. If it had happened at any other time, the chance of a fatality would have been very high.

"He is lucky he didn't kill or injure anyone."

Mr Edmondson and his family were asleep and woken by a loud bang as the car, driven by Seddon, of Ellesmere Street, Eccles, smashed into his garden wall.

At the time he said: "When I looked out the window I had to do a double take, the wall was gone and there's a car through it.

Damage to Dave Edmondsons home

Damage to Dave Edmondson's home

"No one's listened to me – I said it was only a matter of time until something happened on this road and I've been proved right which is just a horrible feeling to have right now."

Mr Edmondson estimates the cost of the damage is up to £20,000 and is considering taking civil legal action to recover the money.

In 2018 Mr Edmondson, who was chairman of Tonge Fold Neighbourhood Watch, also set up Tonge Fold Community Speedwatch because of concerns about speeding vehicles in the