AN application for a 21-hours per day alcohol licence for a new shop has received objections saying the area is already blighted by youngsters inhaling laughing gas and other incidents of violent and anti-social behaviour.

Bolton Council’s licensing committee will deliberate next week on a premises licence for a shop called The Beer Garden on St Helens Road from David Neild.

The premises used to trade as St Helens Wines before that business lost its licence last year.

Papers lodged ahead of the a hearing in front of a licensing panel on April 20 state the licence is sought for The Beer Garden, described as a ‘ a small mini-market and grocery store with an off licence situated on an arterial road 1.5 miles south west of Bolton town centre’.

It seeks permission to sell alcohol from 8am until 5am, seven days per week and says the premises will be open during those times.

Bolton licensing department has objected to the application on grounds of potential public nuisance, prevention of harm to children and crime and disorder.

Their submission said the operating licence for St Helens Wine was revoked in February 2020 after illicit tobacco was discovered and seized by trading standards.

They added: “In attendance at that hearing was the applicant for the licence for the Beer Garden.

“He attended the hearing as a friend of the licence holder at the time.”

The objection said that the area immediately surrounding the premises being applied for was already the location of complaints about anti-social behaviour which had led to the council setting up CCTV opposite to monitor the area.

The report the camera captured behaviour including begging, large gatherings of people and vehicles between midnight and 3am, inhalation of nitrous oxide by youths and a male being repeatedly kicked in the head by another man.

Cllr Toby Hewitt, who represents the Hulton ward also wrote to object to the application.

He said: “There is grave concern from residents about this application given the current issues around enforcement and lawlessness in the immediate vicinity.

“The feeling is that this locale is a draw for anti-social behaviour.”

Evidence in support of the application includes the operation of 24 hour CCTV at the premises, a refusals log to be in operation and the reporting of all incidents of crime or disorder to the police.

All spirits would be stored behind the counter and signs placed at the entrance for customers to respect nearby residents.