WE suspect that these two pictures from the archives will bring back memories - both good and bad - for anyone who grew up in Atherton.

Taken in 1992 they are of the swimming baths on Mayfield Street which for many years hosted galas, was home to various swimming clubs and where hundreds of youngsters would learn to swim either through the weekly school visit of private lessons.

The baths had a traditional design with the changing rooms bordering the pool itself, a balcony area for spectators.

Hands up anyone who remembers those early morning school swimming sessions when you had to go under a freezing cold shower before you allowed into the pool!

The baths' future was often in doubt and in 2005 after serving the area for 102 years, Atherton Baths closed for good.

If you have any memories or photos email john.anson@nqnw.co.uk