A HEARTLESS thief stole an electric mountain bike from a disabled 13-year-old girl in broad daylight.

Chloe Roylance went into Heavenly Food and Doughnuts on Higher Market Street in Farnworth at around 3.20pm last Monday and left her black Scott Sports bike, which has green writing printed on it, near the door so it was in her view.

But soon after, a white van arrived and a young white man wearing a face mask and believed to be aged around 20, got out of the passenger side, climbed onto the bike and started cycling away.

He was wearing a dark blue hoodie and the same colour tracksuit bottoms.

Chloe, who has a speech disability, caught the thief in the act and chased after him down the road but was not able to catch up with him.

Chloe Roylance

Chloe Roylance

The thief escapes as Chloe runs after him

The thief escapes as Chloe runs after him

Chloes Scott electric mountain bike

Chloe's Scott electric mountain bike

Chloe's dad Mark, 43, said: “Chloe was very upset when it happened.

“Someone from a nearby beauty shop took her home to me. She has not wanted to go out anywhere since.

“It was really awful.

“I have seen CCTV footage of what happened and the white van that the man came out of was being driven behind Chloe when she was chasing after him on the bike so it could have hit her.

“I was also worried that the man might have turned around and attacked Chloe when it happened.”

The theft of the bike came at a loss of £1,000.

Following the incident, Mark, from Walkden, launched an appeal to help find the culprits responsible.

Mark Roylance and his daughter Chloe

Mark Roylance and his daughter Chloe

Although Chloe’s bike has not been discovered, kind-hearted people have pulled together in two separate appeals to raise close to £1,000 to buy a new bike for her.

Paul Dempsey, who works at Decathlon in Bolton and Michael Morrison from Walkden have generated the funds and are in the process of ordering Chloe’s bike.

Mark added: “It was really good when Paul and Michael messaged me about them raising money.

“I said I didn’t want to look like I was taking money off people but they said they like to help people in the community.

“Me and Chloe are so grateful for what they have done.

“Chloe said she will save her pocket money up to pay everyone back.”

If you have any information about the theft on Monday contact police on 101 quoting reference number CRI/06KK/0010065/21.