ANOTHER Westhoughton councillor has quit the Lib-Dem to join the Conservatives.

Town councillor, Carol Kirkman who represents Central Ward, is the latest Lib-Dem councillor to defect to the Tory Party.

She said: "Today I've decided to join Westhoughton Conservatives for positive reasons, they are hard working and friendly bunch of people who are genuinely trying to do the best for Westhoughton.

"I'm really looking forward to working Cllrs Martyn Cox and Clle Bernadette Eckersley-Fallon on their plan to stop more house building in Westhoughton and on their strategy to invest nearly £8 million into Westhoughton Town Centre."

Her resignation from the Lib-Dem group comes less than two weeks after Cllr Eckersley-Fallon went to join the rival party.

Neither are up for election next month.
Bolton Lib-Dems said they were not surprised by the defection.

Deputy leader of Bolton Council, and Westhoughton ward councillor, Martyn Cox said: "Carol is one of the nicest people on the Town Council and she'll be a great asset to us but more importantly she'll continue working hard for local residents.

Cllr Kirkman is now the fourth Westhoughton Liberal Democrat councillor to resign in a short period, so clearly there are problems at the heart of the local Lib Dem Party.

"We will do our best, as a team, to support Carol in her role as we would any councillor."

Leader of Bolton Council and the Tory group, David Greenhalgh added: "I am delighted to welcome Cllr Carol Kirkman yet another former Lib-Dem to our Westhoughton team.

"Westhoughton Conservatives are working very hard in the community to get better deal for their area.

"I'm sure Carol will enjoy working with us and we are delighted to have her on board."

Cllr Roger Hayes, leader of the Bolton Liberal Democrat said the announcement had not come as a surprise.
He said: "It is hardly a surprise as her friend (Cllr Eckersley-Fallon) has gone and our team at Westhoughton will be stronger than it was before."