A GROUP of young people is helping to tackle period poverty by launching a survey for 12 to 19-year-olds to give them the chance to share their views on period poverty and the stigma surrounding it.

Volunteers from Bolton-based charity Youth Leads UK are behind the initiative and will take results from the survey to decision-makers at a local and national level.

The campaign, called Be Period Proud, comes as many young people find it challenging to speak up if they’re having trouble accessing period products.

The research from the survey will be passed on to headteachers and politicians, including the Mayor of Greater Manchester and the Minister for Women and Equalities.

Youth Leads UK also provides free self-care packages to those in need. Included in the packs are disposable sanitary pads, tampons and toiletries chosen by young people, such as shampoo, conditioner and deodorant.

Emma Fletcher, 21, said: “It’s not right that girls miss school or seeing their friends because they can’t afford period products.

“This survey will help us understand how we can help create a world where we can be period proud.”

Saeed Atcha, CEO of Youth Leads UK, said: “We don’t want a world where young people who experience periods have to worry about affording them.

“It’s fantastic that the government now provides free products, but the take-up isn’t there, and we need to encourage it.

“We’re also hearing that young people are understandably not comfortable in asking for the products.

“Our volunteers want to find out why to recommend improvements in the long-term and provide self-care packs to help in the short term."