A MOTORIST has escaped a driving ban for repeatedly speeding after proving his car’s speedometer was faulty.

On five occasions in April last year 43-year-old Russell Fogg was caught travelling at 57 or 58mph in 50mph limits in a Mitsubishi pick-up truck.

Manchester magistrates heard that the first occasion was on April 22 on St Peter’ s Way, Bolton and the other four times were on the M62 in the ‘smart motorway’ between junctions 11 and 12.

Fogg, who the court heard drives for a living and had worked on the construction of ‘smart motorways’, pleaded guilty to speeding but produced documents showing the speedometer on his Mitsubishi L200 Titan had been defective at the time. Fogg, of Arnold Street, Bolton, was fined £1,250 plus £210 in costs.