A FILM fan and photographer who travels around the country matching scenes from shows and movies to their real-life backdrops has put the spotlight on Bolton’s filming locations for It’s A Sin.

For his Instagram account Stepping Through Film, Tom Duke takes snaps of stills in the locations where the scenes were shot, from Harry Potter to Dr Who.

Earlier this year he captured where scenes from the hit Channel 4 series were filmed in Bolton town centre, including along Le Mans Crescent and Queen Street.

The five-part series aired in January this year and follows a group of young friends who move to London to start a new life.

Penned by Doctor Who writer Russell T Davies, It’s a Sin is a tale of love and loss set against the backdrop of the AIDS pandemic which devastated the gay community.

The Bolton News: Stepping Through Film match scenes from It's A Sin to their locations in Bolton

One scene depicts a protest march in the centre of London - but it was actually filmed in Le Mans Crescent.

Tom, 22, works as a photographer for film productions and regularly travels around the country with work. Although he lives in London earlier this year he visited Bolton when they were filming Peaky Blinders - which is when he took the photos.

He said: “I first started the account in 2017 as a bit of fun while I was at university, it’s fun to do and films have always been my passion. I am based in London but because of my job I’ve been allowed to travel, so when I get the chance I’ve visited film locations.

The Bolton News: Stepping Through Film match scenes from It's A Sin to their locations in Bolton

“I loved It’s A Sin - it was such a moving show. I found the filming locations in Bolton and Manchester for the series and matched the scenes up.

“It was great seeing where it was filmed - especially seeing the Pink Palace location, which is just a side street in Manchester. People have reacted really positively to the photos, it was a very moving and popular series.”