A PLANT which can causes severe burns and blindness has been spotted growing in a Bolton street.

Giant hogweed, often dubbed 'Britain's most dangerous plant', usually grows near waterways, such as rivers and canals, although can pop up anywhere.

And the plant has been spotted growing around the back of St Germain Street in Farnworth.

Hogweed takes up to two years to grow and can reach up to around 18 foot tall, with each plant spreading up to 100,000 seeds, making it an extremely invasive plant.

Contact with the plant can cause severe burns and blisters, which are extremely sensitive to the sun for years, and can cause blindness if it comes into contact with eyes.

The dangerous plant has been reported by Farnworth resident Ske McDermott, who spotted it close to a billboard.

Bolton Council state on their website that "we will treat the hogweed chemically or destroy the plant on accessible areas of council land."

Local councillor Paul Sanders, whom the hogweed was reported to, said: "Firstly, thank you to the resident for flagging this with me. The suspected hogweed will be treated. Last year, there was hogweed in a nearby location which was chemically destroyed by the council's Neighbourhood Services.

"If residents suspect hogweed, they can check out the council's webpage designed to help identify if it is the dangerous species or a similar looking harmless plant.

"If hogweed is suspected, residents can inform their councillors or they can contact Neighbourhood Services direct at neighbourhoodservicesinbox@bolton.gov.uk or call 01204 336632."