A SCHOOLBOY who decided to dress up as Sir Captain Tom for a themed costume day at school says that 'he is a hero in my eyes'.

Those were the words of ten-year-old Bobby Haslam, a year six pupil at Washacre Primary School in Westhoughton.

He won a giant Malteser Easter egg for best costume in his class - as the school hosted the themed event in celebration of World Superhero Day on April 28.

His proud mum, Carrie Haslam, who works at the school as a lunchtime assistant, said: "At his age, he didn't want to dress up as spiderman or superman so I suggested that he goes as Sir Captain Tom.

"He said to me, 'well he's not a superhero but he's a hero in my eyes'.

"He had to explain to a couple of children who he was but everyone was really proud of him - and so am I."

Captain Tom Moore was a British Army officer who raised more than £30 million for the NHS in the run-up to his 100th birthday during the coronavirus pandemic.

He died on February 2 at Bedford Hospital.