A WOMAN from Bolton who suffered life-changing injuries after a horrific motorbike accident abroad is appealing for help after years of constant pain and medical nightmares.

Tracy Olive and husband Michael were travelling across the Spain-Gibraltar border for work in June 2015 when a car drove into the side of the couple’s motorbike.

Fifty-two year-old Tracy's left shin and calf were crushed and she suffered a sprained foot and ankle, whiplash, and tendon damage.

Now, her husband Michael has launched an appeal to ‘help my beautiful wife smile again’ - and is looking to raise £60,000 for treatment after a struggle to find medication to fix Tracy’s health issues.

This would involve coming back to the UK to take advantage of a specialist live-in pain facility. But Tracy has struggled to get a referral from doctors in Gibraltar.

Michael said: “We were crossing the airport runway when a car attempted to turn into a garage and didn’t see us on the motorcycle - and crashed into us. The car impacted directly with Tracy’s leg, foot and ankle and crushed it between the car and the bike.”

Tracy’s foot and ankle recovered after four months of rehab. But for the last six years, Tracy has had complex regional pain syndrome in her left leg - with two badly damaged nerves in her shin.

Tracy said: “I don’t know how much more I can take of this. I’ve had countless A&E trips. I’ve seen so many doctors and taken 39 tablets at day at one point - but nothing seems to work.”

Michael added: “We were advised there was a treatment at the time only available in Italy for Neridronate infusions, which we travelled for and received. Unfortunately, it did not help.”

Tracy also underwent neurology tests and was diagnosed with chronic nerve damage in her legs. She suffers a constant burning pain which she says is worse at night when trying to sleep.

She also experiences a range of different pains and numbness. When she tries to step on her leading left leg, sometimes it doesn’t move and she has fallen a few times now because of this.

Since sustaining her injuries, Tracy has lost her job and is now unable to get medical treatment in Spain or Gibraltar due to insurance issues.

The campaign, on the Go Fund Me site, has so far raised £672.