You might know everything about Bolton in Greater Manchester- but how well do you know the Bolton in Canada?

There are so many places in the world that share the same name as our humble town- so make sure you don’t accidentally book a trip to our sister destinations across the pond.

According to Geotargit, there are 25 places in the world named Bolton and they can be found in seven countries throughout the world.

Each of these areas has their own unique populations and attractions to explore.

We have tracked down some of these exotic towns and villages in the world that are also called Bolton to see how they compare to ours.

United Kingdom

Bolton in Greater Manchester isn’t the only one in the United Kingdom- there is also one in East Lothian, Scotland and in Cumbria.

Bolton in East Lothian is the third smallest in the area.

(Left is Bolton in Scotland and right is Bolton in Greater Manchester. Photo credit: Google Maps)

Some of the most notable buildings in the hamlet are the Parish Church, an 18th-century dovecote  and the former Bolton Primary School, which now serves as the village hall.

In Cumbria, Bolton is a village and civil parish in the Eden District.


In America, you will find a Bolton in 17 different states: Virginia, Vermont, Tennessee, Oregon, Ohio, North Carolina, New York, Missouri, Mississippi, Michigan, Massachusetts, Maryland, Kansas, Iowa, Illinois, Georgia and Connecticut.

In Connecticut, it was said that many early settlers came from Bolton, England – hence the town’s name.

The Bolton News: (Photo: Google Maps)(Photo: Google Maps)

It was originally part of the hunting ground of the Podunk Indians and it’s even speculated that the first president of the United States, George Washington, stayed at a home here while acting as commander and chief of the Continental Army.

The American town was home to artist, Ralph Earl who painted a well-known panorama of Niagara Falls.

In 2014, Horwich mayor, Richard Silvester, travelled to Bolton CT to establish links with the town.

Councillor Silvester said: "Most of the other places called Bolton are named after people, but Bolton Connecticut is named after our town. There is an etching of our town hall within their town hall. Quite a number of the people in the town actually follow Bolton Wanderers.

"There was one guy attending a local match with a Bolton Wanderers scarf on, and there are a few people in the town who have relatives who still live here. I met a few at the church who have relatives in Bromley Cross."

Bolton in New York is a town in a Warren County.

At the last census, it had a population of just 2,117- which is miniscule to the 194, 189 population of our Bolton (according to 2011 census).

Bolton NY includes the hamlet of Bolton Landing, which lies on the shores of Lake George in the Adirondack Mountains.

British colonial forces renamed the lake after King George II during the French and Indian war.

Previously, it was previously known as ‘Andia-ta-roc-te’ and also referred to as ‘Horican’ in James Fenimore Cooper’s historical novel, Last of the Mohicans.


The Bolton News: (Photo: Google Maps)(Photo: Google Maps)

Did you know that there is an area called Bolton in Victoria, Australia?

Not much is known about the area other than that there was a post office here which opened in 1920 closed in 1975.

The locality lies along the C251 Robinvale-Sea Lake Road and it’s around a four-and-a-half hour drive north from Melbourne.

At the 2016 census, Mount Bolton and the surrounding area had a population of 29 people.

There is also a nature conservation reserve in the area.


The Bolton News: (Photo: Google Maps)(Photo: Google Maps)

In the Davao del Sur province, Bolton is a barangay (small political unit in a city or area).

It is in the municipality of Malalag.

According to the 2015 census, it had a population of 2,626 which represents 6.78% of the total population of Malalag.


(Left is Bolton in Canada and right is Bolton in Greater Manchester. Photo credit: Google Maps)

This town was founded in 1822 and was originally called Bolton Mills.

If you have ever watched the 1996 thriller, Twister, you might recognise some of the background shots as the film was partially shot here.

2005’s Four Brothers was also partially filmed here.

In 2016, Canada’s Bolton had a population of 26,378.