GERMAN supermarket chain, Aldi, is a popular shopping destination for those who want to nab a bargain.

However, each store is completely different with varying layouts and stock; shoppers will have undoubtedly chosen their favourites.

We have tracked down seven Aldi stores in Bolton to see which ones received the best customer reviews and ratings on Google.

Here’s what customers said about them:

Cutacre Ln, Salford Rd
Rating: 4.5 based on 1115 reviews

Beverley O’Brien said this is her favourite Aldi.

She added: “It’s always safe and clean and very well stocked up. Staff are extremely helpful and friendly.”

Another had good things to say about the stock, writing: “nice fresh fruit and veg with good use by dates.”

“Aldi at the Cutacre site is always a good experience,” wrote another.

“The staff have worked hard during the Covid crisis without complaining and are always very helpful and pleasant to talk to- they deserve a medal.

“Always well stocked and presented, we look forward to our weekly shop there.”

Vincent Way
Rating: 4.6 based on 351 reviews

One of the most recent reviewers wrote: “Looks smart and good selection of food- but it was fairly quiet and yet still had to queue at the tills.

“Didn't seem as slick as my local Aldi. Still far better than other 'big name' supermarkets though!”

Another person had high praise for the staff at this branch and wrote: “It is nice and clean with a very good layout.”

Another said: “Never too crowded, plenty of room to shop and queue times are never too long (which is a major issue with a lot of others)”

Mason Street, Horwich
Rating: 4.4 based on 1154 Google reviews

Deborah Gee said: “Although they are all pretty generic and laid out the same, my local one is almost like my corner shop.

“Love The Specials and as a vegan was over the moon with all the extras available for Veganuary, and all the new vegan products, like the clearly labelled burgers and sausages.

“The staff have been there as long as I have been shopping there and are friendly and helpful.”

Another said it was too crowded and  “a compact supermarket that crams most off brand items in!”

One  commented that the queues were “ridiculous” here- but other commenters disagreed.

One person wrote: ”Great store. Very clean, neat and tidy. Lots of stock. Very quick at the tills. No queues outside.”

Breightmet Fold Ln, Breightmet
Rating: 4.4 based on 1055 Google reviews

Megan Dixon wrote: “The deals I find here are brill! Whether it be for me, the home, the kids or the dogs!

“Best place, in my opinion, for big shop and kids lunches!! Always paying a fraction of what I have previously spent in different supermarkets.”

Another gave a three star review and said: “Good prices but food is not that fresh.”

Another wrote: “Fruit lasts 24 hours. Low stock of fruit and veg. Never know what queue to join for what till. Need better organisation.”

However, another disagreed and wrote: “Really good supermarket with excellent choices plenty room.”

Bolton Rd, Westhoughton
Rating: 4.5 based on 475 Google reviews

One of the newest reviews reads: “ALWAYS there for great shopping and there are always friendly staff there to help.”

Another said: “Wide aisles, cleaning sanitizer always there. Pick day and time to avoid crowding then it feels Covid secure.”

Mr Paul wrote: “I find it strange that you can buy a chainsaw and a case of San Miguel in the same transaction,” but still gave the shop five stars.

Higher Bridge Street
Rating: 4.3 based on 1232 reviews

This Aldi branch currently has an impressive 1232 reviews- and a lot of them are positive.

One person wrote: “Superb staff, best Aldi that my wife and I have visited.”

Another said: “Well stocked, low prices- you can’t go wrong.

“I have recently started shopping at Aldi, and I find that I am saving quite a lot of money. This store is a good size, so queues are not too bad.”

However, one review had to knock two stars off their review for “untidy” metal cages in the aisles.

Another gave it an impressive four stars and wrote: “Not in the best area of the town however store was what you expect from Aldi.”

Trinity Street
Rating: 4.3 based on 1323 reviews

One impressed customer went as far to say that this shop is “one of a kind”.

They added: It’s very good if you're looking for cheap stuff.”

Another said: “This is a nice supermarket in the town where a variety of food choices are available.

“It has a spacious car park big enough to accommodate many cars.”

However, a few disgruntled customers aren’t happy with the queues.

One person commented: “I went for shopping three times and every time I experienced long queues.”

Another gave it four stars three months ago and wrote: “Only knocked a star off as due to its popularity the shelves aren't always stocked up and I can't always get everything I want.

“Also, they need to rethink where they've put the bread/bakery items as you can't get to them for people queuing for the tills.”

Where is your favourite Aldi store in Bolton?