A DRIVER was involved in a 'road-rage' incident moments before colliding head on with another vehicle, a court heard.

Uninsured Aaron Whittaker ploughed his Volvo into a Kia Rio leaving the female driver suffering fractured ribs and two cars written off.

The 31-year-old then tried to lie his way out of trouble by telling officers he was a passenger in the car and the driver had run off.

Kelly Cyples, prosecuting, said that two police officers were in an unmarked car on Manchester Road in Walkden at around 2.55pm on Monday, September 7 last year, when they spotted two parked Volvos on Pennington Street.

The drivers were involved in an argument which continued as both vehicles drove off in the direction of the town centre.

Whittaker, who was one of the drivers, was described as driving erratically, moving alongside the other car and pulling in front and braking suddenly.

The two drivers could be seen talking to each other before Whittaker's gold Volvo accelerated, turned left into County Road at speed and collided head on with a red Kia Rio driven by a woman in her 50s.

A black Toyota Yaris, which was stationary behind the Kia, was also damaged after the car was shunted backwards.

Ms Cyples said: "The officers then saw the defendant exit the driver's seat, hold up his hands and say 'I'm sorry love' towards the red Kia driver he had just collided with.

"He then immediately returned to the driver's seat and was in the process of turning the key in the ignition when both officers took hold of him and removed him from the vehicle."

A struggle took place with Whittaker forced to the floor and continuing to try and break free before he was restrained with handcuffs.

The officers smelt alcohol and Whittaker admitted he had been drinking wine with a roadside breath test showing he was over double the legal limit although a later test at the police station was negative.

Whittaker, of no fixed address, told officers the Volvo had been driven by a man called "Dean or Tom" whom he had met the previous day and he had only jumped into the driver's seat after the crash.

Ms Cyples said both victim's cars were written off and the Kia driver was unable to work for over four months.

She added that Whittaker, who had 17 previous convictions for 26 offences, was in trouble again in November 2020 when he was jailed for eight months for dangerous driving, excess alcohol and driving without insurance or valid licence.

He was released on March 15 this year.

Martin Pizzey, defending, said Whittaker, who pleaded guilty to resisting arrest, driving dangerously, driving without insurance and driving without a valid licence, had "decided to change his ways" after his spell in prison, complied with probation and was actively looking for work with a flooring company.

Sentencing Whittaker, Recorder Kate Bex QC, said: "To be in a head-on collision like this must have been terrifying and you have a really bad record.

"When you were arrested for these offences it had no effect on you because two months later you were out driving dangerously again.

"If you carry on like that you will kill someone and then you will spend years in prison but perhaps a combination of factors has finally made you realise that either you're going to keep on appearing here or you're going to change."

She handed Whittaker a two year community order with 25 rehabilitation activity sessions and a six month alcohol treatment requirement.

He will also be the subject of a six month curfew between 8pm to 6am and will have to pay a total of £450 compensation to the two victims.