FIREFIGHTERS were called to Halliwell in the early hours of the morning to tackle a blaze which involved approximately five wheelie bins.

At 3.40am firefighters attended Windsor Grove after residents were alerted to a bin fire at the rear of the terrace houses.

The fire did not spread inside the property, however, it did cause some damage to the downstairs windows of the property.

Crews were there for around 40 minutes putting out the fire, which reportedly started deliberately.

People are urged to make sure their bins are securely locked away.

Crew manager Lewis said: "We were called to an incident at Windsor Grove at 3.40am this morning, there was a wheelie bin fire in the yard at the rear of the property.

"It was contained outside of the property, however, it did cause damage to the glass of the downstairs windows.

"There were probably about five wheelie bins affected. Residents were alerted to the fire and rang the fire service.

"We were there for about 40 minutes.

"Make sure your bins are securely stored and locked away, and contact the service about any safety visits."