SPEED checks were conducted by officers along Halliwell Road and Chorley Old Road on Sunday morning.

Officers from the Bolton West neighbourhood team carried out the speed enforcement checks as part of Operation Portman.

To help them catch speeding drivers, officers have acquired two laser devices to record speeding vehicles.

A further six officers have received specialist training to use the devices, with more training planned for the future.

Operation Portman was launched last year in response to concerns over the number of serious road incidents in the town.

Greater Manchester Police said: "This morning officers from Bolton West Neighbourhood team have been out conducting speed enforcement on their area.

Officers did some quick enforcement on Halliwell Road and Chorley Old Road first thing.

"Last week at Bolton we took delivery of two TruSpeed laser devices.

"This gives us the ability to be more spontaneous in our deployments of vehicle speed enforcement around Bolton.

"Alongside the purchase of these devices, another six officers received specialist training on this equipment with more courses planned.

"This reaffirms our commitment to maintaining the reduction of road deaths we have seen since the commencement of Operation Portman in November."