A MAN who claims he has been "left in the lurch" by Bolton Council after they failed to fix a pothole problem has safety concerns for pedestrians outside his house.

Chris Hamer says a pothole outside his home on Darwen Road, Egerton, is causing his whole house to shake - and that his window is at risk of falling out in the future.

When lorries and other heavy vehicles pass by his house on the busy main road, he says that ornaments and other items in his house are regularly displaced.

He says Bolton Council were quick to resolve what they originally thought was the problem – a sunken grate – but that this has made no difference.

He believes the problems are being caused due to a pothole outside his house.

The pothole, according to Mr Hamer, is around a foot in diameter and one inch deep.

He has only lived in the property for around three weeks, but says it has been a ‘constant problem’ since he moved in.

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Speaking to The Bolton News, the 54-year-old said: “The problem is that as I live on a very busy main road and every time a heavy vehicle strikes the pothole my whole house shakes.

“As a result ornaments get displaced and books fall of the shelf in the house but more alarmingly the mortar has broken up and fallen from around the front window.

“Bolton Council is flatly failing to do anything about this. I wonder what they will say when the whole window falls out onto a passer-by.

“I’ve been left completely in the lurch.”

He also says that he has been told he needs to use his own money to contract an engineer to determine the root of the problem.

A Bolton Council spokesman said: “Property damage from road traffic ground vibration is rare and any householder is advised to seek independent professional advice and inform their building insurance provider to seek guidance.”

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