A TEENAGE drug dealer’s attempts to hide cannabis failed when police chasing him found a bag stashed under a car.

And when officers searched the area using a Audi key found in his pocket, more drugs were found in the car's boot.

At Bolton Crown Court Shoiab Adam, now aged 20 but 19 at the time of the offence on April 29 last year, was described a “naive young man” who has now found employment at a supermarket petrol station.

Sarah Johnston, prosecuting, said officers first spotted Adam and another man in Langthorne Walk, Deane, but as they approached, the pair ran off across Deane Road towards Gilnow Lane.

Police chased and caught Adam, who had a wrap of cannabis inside a surgical glove on him, along with a mobile phone and an Audi key.

“As police were speaking with the defendant they noticed a vehicle parked about 20 yards away, and as that vehicle pulled away the driver told the officers a bag had been put underneath his car moments before their arrival,” said Miss Johnston.

A black bag, which nearby CCTV showed being carried by Adam shortly beforehand, was recovered which contained nine snap bags of cannabis.

“The police searched the area with the Audi key and found a red Audi S3 parked in the vicinity. The key opened that vehicle and in the boot they found a package containing 20 further bags of cannabis,” said Miss Johnston.

In total, the cannabis recovered was worth £1,050 and £200 in cash was also found on Adam.

When interviewed, Adam, of New York, Bolton, made no comment but provided officers with the PIN to his phone which revealed text messages confirming he had been involved in dealing cannabis in March and April.

Adam, who has no previous convictions, pleaded guilty to possessing cannabis with intent to supply.

Clare Ashcroft, defending, told Recorder Kate Bex QC Adam has now distanced himself from people he associated with last year.

“It appears there was a degree of immaturity on his part,” said Miss Ashcroft.

“He’s a young man who has lived quite a sheltered life within a supportive family and perhaps, giving him the benefit of the doubt, did not quite realise the gravity of the situation until these proceedings started.”

Recorder Bex sentenced Adam to a 12-month community order with 80 hours of unpaid work and 15 rehab activity days and told him: “I take into account your youth and immaturity. That you have gone out and got yourself a job is very much to your credit. Your best mitigation is your good character and guilty plea.

“It is sad to see somebody who is intelligent and educated losing their good character at the age of 20 when they are capable of working and leading a good life.”