A BOSS at a store at the centre of controversy over 'hippy crack' and rogue tobacco sales has lost his premises licence.

Councillors were satisfied Dino's Mini Market, in St Helen's Road, was the centre of unruly behaviour and revoked Javad Asli's trading permit.

An investigation there also uncovered an illegal barbers, breaching lockdown restrictions.

Video footage was showed to the borough's licensing committee showing a young man buying a box of nitrous oxide cannisters to share with friends.

Representatives for Mr Asli questioned whether Dino's was always to blame for the disorder.

But the committee ruled this was "not credible" and withdrew his licence on the basis Mr Asli was "not a fit and proper person", as the designated premises supervisor for the mini market.

The committee heard Mr Asli was very sorry for what had happened but he was an honest person.

He told councillors, through his legal representative, that he wanted to work with the responsible authorities and wanted to make the area better.

He felt he should also be allowed to continue to trade as the shop was a focal point for the night time economy. He also believed he was being "ganged up against" as the cannisters were purchased from other premises nearby.

But the committee's ruling added: "The sub-committee (was) concerned about the number of incidents at the premises and that no substantial explanation had been given for what had happened.

"The sub-committee did not find it credible that the premises licence holder was not aware of the situation.

"The sub-committee also took account of the video footage which clearly attributed blame to the premises.

"The sub-committee was satisfied that revocation of the licence was a necessary and proportionate response in order to address the concerns that instigated the review and was of the view that there were no conditions that could be imposed to ameliorate their concerns."