A REGIONAL TV reporter from Horwich has paid tribute to rehab staff at the Royal Bolton Hospital.

Fifty-eight year-old Paul Crone, from Granada Reports, suffered a heart attack last November at home.

He later had emergency surgery to fit a stent and has been recovering with the help of the cardiac rehab team at Bolton.

In a Twitter post, he said: "Not quite Sir Steve Redgrave but all part of my heart rehab! Good job the tide was out.

"Massive thanks to the dedicated and lovely cardiac rehab team @boltonnhsft including Vicky who ensures I’m getting stronger each week."

He started to feel unwell after putting out his bins one night in mid-November.

And when the pain became worse later he rang 111 and then 999, before having to undergo his emergency op.

Later he said he felt off colour for weeks but there had been nothing to cause any serious concerns.

He did admit to some misgivings about being in hospital during a pandemic but had nothing but praise for NHS staff. His condition meant he was among an early wave to receive the coronavirus vaccination.