A CHRISTMAS tree has been planted in a Farnworth park as part of a moving tribute to a devoted mother-of-three on the 10th anniversary of her death.

Lesley Ann Barrett died aged 34 at her home on May 4, 2011, after a blood clot in her right leg spread to her lungs.

In the weeks leading up to her death she had complained of back pain and was due to go for an MRI scan in case she had suffered a slipped disc.

She was survived by sons Cameron, Callum and Alfie, now 19, 14 and 11 years old respectively, who have spent much of the last decade living with Lesley Ann’s sister, Michelle.

Now a tree has been planted in her memory in Ellesmere Park, commonly referred to as Dixon Green Park – in the heart of Farnworth.

It is hoped that once the tree grows over the next few years, that community events like carol singing and a Christmas lights switch on will be able to take place during the festive period.

Lesley Ann's sister Anita Fincham said: “We have planted the Christmas tree with a wooden surround, and a plaque will be put on next weekend.

“We wanted a Christmas tree for the park for events at Christmas and it was Lesley Ann’s favourite time of the year with her boys.

“So this is to celebrate her young life - gone far too soon from her boys who she loved more than anything else in the world.”

Ten years on from her death, Lesley Ann's oldest son Cameron has ambitions of joining the armed forces. Callum is playing for Breightmet FC, while Alfie is head boy at The Ferns Primary Academy.

Prior to her death, Miss Barrett was enjoying spending time with her sons after being made redundant from Biffa in Kearsley, where she had worked as an administration assistant for 13 years.

She was the youngest of eight siblings and remained close to them, and was known for her kind-hearted and caring nature.

Michelle Barrett has spent much of the last decade caring for the boys.

She said: "We've embraced the changes and are now so happy in our extended family."

Mrs Fincham added: "We're a tight-knit family and we're all so proud of the boys."