A CAMPAIGNER has said she has lost her passion to go on litter picks after mindless youngsters set bins and binbags alight.

Yobs around New Bury have frequently stolen and set fire to bins in the area, as well as torching binbags of waste collected by litter pickers.

Light green bags of rubbish are left out by the litter pickers for council workers to collect.

And litter picker and community group member Becky Holt has said the "idiotic behaviour" of youngsters in the area has left residents feeling unsafe.

She said: “I have stopped actively going out litter picking because I am sick of it. I have told everyone - the council, local PCSOs on the beat - but nothing seems to be getting done.

“Neighbours have called the fire service because green litter bags were set on fire near their homes and they thought their house could go up - it’s awful. So many people have made a difference by clearing up the streets and this idiotic behaviour is ruining it."

Becky, of New Bury Volunteer Group, has also called on parents to take ownership of their children and stop their anti-social behaviour.

She said: “The parents of these kids need to take ownership. They are probably coming home stinking of smoke and my question to them is what are you doing about it? It has been going on for weeks now. They even wheeled a bin onto Farnworth Park and just set it on fire there.

“This is just yobbish behaviour and all of a sudden they have turned into arsonists. The melted bags leads people to complain about the waste being there in the first place - but it is the kids that are doing it.”

Cllr Paul Sanders said: “The spate of torching of litter bags is both worrying and annoying. The bags are put there by volunteers to help to keep our environment clear of litter. The arson attacks are sabotaging this good community work, making more mess, and it’s no wonder volunteers feel exasperated.

“I personally want to thank Becky for the immense amount of voluntary litter picking and clearing she’s done across New Bury and Farnworth - she’s an absolute star. The council volunteer co-ordinator is monitoring the situation to try to minimise risk of such mindless behaviour.”