Tesco has announced it is extending the expiry date of some Clubcard vouchers that were due to run out at the end of this month.

The supermarket chain previously said vouchers would be expiring on May 31.

However, Britain’s biggest grocer has now revealed the expiry date will be extended by six months and the new cut-off date will now be November 31, 2021.

The extension has been announced to giver shoppers more time to use their vouchers amid the restrictions of the coronavirus pandemic.

Although shoppers with vouchers that have already been pushed back are being warned they will still expire.

For example, if shoppers have vouchers with an original expiry date of November 2020 that were pushed back to May 2021, those vouchers will still expire this month.

Tesco’s Clubcard loyalty scheme is one of the most popular supermarket loyalty schemes in the UK and rivals the likes of the Morrisons More scheme and Sainsbury’s Nectar card.

Customers build points by spending money in-store or online with one point per £1 spent and one point for every £2 spend on fuel.

Points can be collected through Tesco Bank or Tesco Mobile too.

Each point is equivalent to a penny in real terms so if a customer has 500 points for example, that would be worth a £5 voucher.

Shoppers will need a minimum of 150 points to redeem a voucher, the equivalent of £1.50.

Tesco has around 19 million Clubcard members across the UK.