EMERGENCY services were called after two cars lost control and crashed into a property in the early hours

Pictures capture the devastation caused when the two vehicles left the road and ploughed into the property.

So loud was the bang, it was reported that people thought there had been an explosion.

Police and fire were called just after midnight to Tarbet Drive in Breightmet, to find two cars ­— a BMW X4 and a VW Scirocco, in the grounds of the home, having taken out the wall and hit the property.

The building inspector was also alerted because of the extent of the damage to the property.

The cars were left crumpled by the impact of the smash.

Fire crews from Bolton North were called to the incident.

Crash in Tarbet Drive on May 8 20201

Crash in Tarbet Drive on May 8 20201

Crew Manager Pete Wilmott told The Bolton News: "We were called at 12.20am to a road traffic collision in which two cars had crashed into a property.

"The BMW had hit a parked car, Renault Clio before crashing into the property.

"The crash had called substantial damage to the property and we had to call the building inspector out to assess the structure.

"The garden wall has been completely destroyed and the woman in the house was shook-up.

"The porch area has been badly damaged.

"Police took away the vehicles for forensic examination."

Fire crews were on the scene for three hours and the utilities had to be switched off following the crash.

It is not sure what happened to the drivers of the two vehicles.

Police have been contacted for a response.