A MUM pregnant with her second child told how she thought there had been an earthquake when a car ploughed in to her house in the early hours of Saturday while she was asleep.

Two cars careered off a quiet residential road smashing into two houses - before one of the vehicles hit a parked car and bounced into two other gardens taking out the boundary wall, before coming to a standstill.

The cars lost control on Tarbet Drive in Breightmet, with residents saying those in the vehicle fled the scene.

The Bolton News: Crash in Tarbet Drive on May 8 20201

Emergency services were called just after midnight with pictures capturing the devastation caused when the vehicles ploughed into the property.

Now the front of both properties could have to be rebuilt.

Helen Middleborough said: "We were asleep at the time and I thought there had been an earthquake.

"I'm five months pregnant and this is not what I need.

"We couldn't stay in the property overnight and went to stay at my mums, but we didn't sleep."

The Bolton News: Aftermath of the crash on Tarbet Drive, Breightmet

Her partner Dave Scott said: "We just heard this almighty bang.

"A neighbour said she heard screeching of brakes and the people in the car left, one of the neighbours tried to chase after them.

"I'm just glad no one innocent was hurt.

"If anyone knows anything, please just shout up and let the police know.

"The bay window will need replacing the wall may need to be rebuilt and next door's porch will have to be rebuilt."

The arch above the front door is being hoisted up until builders can repair the damage done.

On Saturday, residents were out attempting clean up the debris left behind, with one knocking down the boundary after part of it was taken out

The Bolton News: Aftermath of the crash on Tarbet Drive, Breightmet

Another resident said: "It is fortunate no one was walking past when it happened."

Police have seized the two vehicles involved ­— BMW X4 and a VW Scirocco ­— for forensic examination.

The Bolton News: Aftermath of the crash on Tarbet Drive, Breightmet

Crew Manager Pete Wilmott told The Bolton News: "We were called at 12.20am to a road traffic collision in which two cars had crashed into a property.

"The BMW had hit a parked car before crashing into the property.

"The crash had called substantial damage to the property and we had to call the building inspector out to assess the structure.

"Police took away the vehicles for forensic examination."

Fire crews were on the scene for three hours.

Police have been contacted for a response.