FIREFIGHTERS were called to a house in Bolton this evening after a chip pan caught on fire.

Crews from Bolton North and Bolton Central fire services attended the incident on Graythwaite Road in Bolton at around 6.45pm.

There were no working smoke alarms at the property, according to firefighters, who are urging members of the public to check their alarms for their own safety.

Three fire engines arrived at the scene, where residents had vacated the property. There were no injuries.

Crews cleared the house of smoke to ensure it was safe for the residents to re-enter the building.

Crew manager Mike Lewis said: "We advise the public to use deep fat fryers instead of chip pans because they automatically switch off when they get too hot.

"Chip pans will just keep on heating up.

"There were no working smoke alarms in the house.

"I just want to remind members of the public to check their fire alarms, and that they can contact their local fire service to get them replaced."