TWINS from Westhoughton have received praise after gathering parts of a stone snake that had been dumped in a stream.

Four-year-old twins Jaxson and Archie were out with mum Leanne Bartle when they came across a community rock snake, beside a stream in Daisy Hill.

People can add decorated stones to the snake - with some dozens of stones long locally.

But the boys were saddened to see some of the rocks had been thrown into the water by vandals.

The Bolton News: Jaxson (left) and Archie with the newly rearranged snakeJaxson (left) and Archie with the newly rearranged snake

The thoughtful boys didn’t think twice however and went down into the ankle-deep stream to gather the rocks and rearrange them.

Mum Leanne said: “We have seen the snake before and we saw it initially set up. We went to where it is the day before and it was still there but when we went back on the Sunday, the boys noticed it had gone.

“They noticed some of the rocks in the stream because obviously they are decorated and stand out so they said they would go down and get them back out - obviously they don’t need an excuse to get into water and get muddy.

“They spent a bit of time going through the water and fishing them all out - they had probably been thrown in from the way they were scattered about.”

The Bolton News: The boys fishing through the stream, above and belowThe boys fishing through the stream, above and below

Jaxson and Archie then rearranged the stones by a small footbridge - making sure to include their own decorated stone at the head of the newly formed snake.

And the twins thoughtful gesture brought in praise on Facebook after Leanne posted about their deeds, racking up hundreds of likes and comments.

Frances Settle said: “Good on you, boys. Don’t let the negativity of the few stop the positivity of the many.

"I saw your snake and it was great. So uplifting with the positive little messages on it. Well done.”

The Bolton News: The boys fishing through the stream

Anne Marie Broadley posted: “Well done boys. Whoever did this should be ashamed at being shown up by these two.”

And Clare Wilson wrote: “Thank you so much to them for rescuing it. What wonderful kids.”