BURGLARS broke into a young family’s home before finding the keys for two high value cars and driving them away – with one of them found hours later.

The criminals snapped the locks off the back doors of a property, in a road off The Hoskers in Westhoughton, at around 3.30am on Monday before making their way in.

Upstairs, Rianna Bradshaw, her partner Zac Cotton and their seven-month-old baby Edie were asleep.

After finding the keys, the crooks left with Rianna’s Audi e-tron and Zac’s Audi S3, which were both parked up on the driveway.

Rianna, 27, said: “We think they must have been watching us.

“They have taken the house keys off the car keys and left a purse, which was near.

“It is odd that they left the house keys and the purse, the only other thing they took was an iPhone charger.

“My partner got up for work at 5.45am and noticed what had happened.

“My car has a tracker on and we called the police and we traced it to Boothstown.

“It was in perfect condition when we found it.

“The car key was on the floor nearby so it looks like they dropped them when they ran off. We had my car back by 6.45am.”

The burglars may have stopped in Boothstown to try and locate the tracker in Rianna’s car before failing and abandoning it.

Zac’s navy blue Audi, which had the registration plate MJ18 PTZ, is still missing though, with reported sightings in Westhoughton and Wigan on Monday.

Rianna said police have carried out forensic examinations in a bid to catch those responsible for the thefts.

The burglary has left Rianna feeling uneasy.

She added: “It is just horrible knowing that someone has been in.

“I have lived here my whole life and I have never felt unsafe.

“At the same time they didn’t hurt us, they were just after the cars.”

Greater Manchester Police are investigating

A force spokesman said: "Two vehicles were stolen from the property. One vehicle was located nearby after the owner tracked its location.

"The second vehicle has not yet been located.

"Enquiries are ongoing. No arrests have yet been made."

If you have any information about the burglary contact police on 101, quoting reference number CRI/06KK/0013054/21.

Alternatively, people can call the independent charity Crimestoppers, anonymously, on 0800 555 111.