ELECTRICALS retailer AO has announced plastics extracted from old fridges collected from customers’ homes, will be used to create new sustainable ventilation products for the first time.

AO, headquartered in Lostock, will supply recycled high impact polystyrene (HIPS) from around 63,000 fridges each year.

The HIPS will be used to create the ducting components in energy saving systems produced by UK-based manufacturer of domestic ventilation fans, Volution Group plc. The ventilation systems are installed to recover heat from extracted air and use it to reduce heat loss and save energy in the properties.

This is a step forward for the retailer, which opened a recycling facility in Telford in 2017 and now recycles over 1.2 million appliances every year, collected from customers and the public via its recycling service. The plastic collected is cleaned and refined into reusable material at its plastic plant, which recently celebrated its first anniversary.

Rob Sant, managing director of AO Recycling, said: “We’re so pleased Volution will be using the plastic from our fridges to create fantastic eco products."

“As a retailer, AO want to take responsibility for the entire recycling process, from start to finish, and we’re proud to be producing high quality plastic that can be easily used in new products.

“The circular economy is really at the forefront of our business ambitions and our investment in plastic is key to fulfilling our long-term goals.”

Volution Group share AO’s sustainability ambitions, making them the ideal supply chain partner and will be supplied through Ultrapolymers.

Lee Nurse, business development director at Volution Group, said: “We are delighted to be part of such a great initiative. With Volution Group having a target of 90 per cent of the plastics we use in our facilities to come from recycled sources by 2025, this is a huge step towards us fulfilling our goal.

“The components made will also form part of our centralised heat recovery systems helping to provide energy saving ventilation solutions into new build housing.”