TWO Bolton schoolboys who became viral sensations on social media used their platform to promote better mental health.

Ollie Ball and Jacob Pasquill, both 16, review food and drinks at St Joseph’s in Horwich.

They teamed up with Bolton mental health charity, Whysup, run by Liam McBride and Mark Murray, as part of mental health awareness week.

Ollie and Jacob have nearly two million followers on TikTok, with Mark saying it was great to have them on board.

Mark Murray, said: “They are good lads and it’s great to see them doing well. Liam and I only have a certain reach but we knew if Ollie and Jacob did something it would reach a much younger audience with a very important message.

“That message being if you’re ever struggling you can also reach out and ask for help.

“We all need cheering up after a tough 12 months and I encourage all the youngsters to follow these lads.

“They are the right kind of influencers, without even knowing it.”

Ollie and Jacob were keen to champion mental health, especially after seeing the negative effects social media can have on some people’s mental health.

They were also keen to support fellow Boltonians Whysup, which has previously done mental health talks at their school.

The pair said: “Throughout the last few months since we’ve started to be noticed and gained lots of followers we’ve looked to champion mental health, especially the impact negative comments on social media can have on people.

“With it being mental health awareness week we wanted to do more so we contacted Whysup as they came to our school last year and being fellow Boltonians we asked if we could help. For us its really important that our generation know what’s out there to support them and know it’s okay to ask should they need any help or guidance.

“Hopefully by sharing this to all our followers this will help get the message out to more people.”

School leaders also backed the pair’s online effort.