A MENTAL health blogger has urged people to open up about their problems - and talked about how her work “has saved 57 lives”.

Model and blogger Rebecca Mcallister has revealed trolls made her attempt suicide in 2018 - and left her feeling powerless to do anything.

But Rebecca bounced back to create a mental health blog - which has amassed tens of thousands of followers.

And the social media influencer has used her experiences to open a community hub in Kearsley, aimed at people struggling with life.

Located in The Smile Group in Manchester Road, ‘The Mac Hub’ offers a place for people to go to talk to someone, seek advice or relax with a cup of tea.

Rebecca said: “I have found that quite a lot of people don’t want to speak openly about their issues - they just want somewhere to go and relax and to feel seen.

“It is all good posting things on Facebook as that can work for a lot of people, but others just want to somewhere to sit down and have a brew.

“The hub has worked very well so far. We have had people walking in and we have put up signs and things for people driving past to raise awareness.

“We want people all around the area to know that there is somewhere to go and that the Mac Hub could be a good place for you to go.”

The hub is hoping for further amenities like a youth weekend club and a counselling service to be added in time.

Rebecca added: “Thousands of people to date have read my blog and I have had thousands of messages from different people. Fifty-seven people have told me the blog and the support from the online community has stopped them from dying and I am shocked when I read those messages.

“I believe with more people knowing about the centre and the support group, we can offer more support out and help more people.

“Our main message is ‘we go again’. Everyone has problems and we live with them. It is okay to have problems but don’t suffer in silence.”

Rebecca’s blog can be found at facebook.com/rebeccamacrm