A LITTER picker had his breath taken away when he came across a perfectly-preserved 'Top Gun' dress uniform while out on a recent rubbish-busting exercise.

Andy Capstick has now used the costume, made famous by Tom Cruise in the 1986 film, to highlight his work and how all things weird and wonderful end up dumped on our streets could be recycled.

And the Astley Bridge litter picker said that he had taken the costume home - as it was a ready-made Halloween outfit.

Andy discovered the 'Maverick' costume abandoned while out in Bolton town centre, noticing the discarded uniform in a car park.

He said: “It was in perfect condition and so I took it home as I might wear it for a fancy dress costume myself one day.

“The things we find is unreal. Dolls, teddy bears, toys, shoes, kitchen equipment - we come across so much when we are out picking.

“We are a throwaway society where things will be immediately discarded, but so much can be recycled or given to charity shops.

“People should be educated to know that most of the things they throw away could go to another home and not end up on the streets.”