A HIGH school forced to close after torrential rainfall last night caused it to flood has been inundated with offers of help.

St Joseph's RC High School is one three schools in Horwich to be shut today because of flood waters.

The secondary school is hoping to be open as soon as it gets the green light.

Until then students have switched to remote learning.

Among those helping with the clean up are local councillors ­— and Tesco arrived with a special emergency package to keep the team going.

Headteacher Tony McCabe said: "The response from our local community has been heart-warming.

"Our student leadership team messaged staff late on Sunday night along with governors, our Parent, Staff Association and other members of the community offering to come in to try and get the school ready for reopening as soon as possible.

"All learning has been online today using Teams and epraise systems with as many lessons as possible live streamed.

"We are indebted to Horwich and Westhoughton councillors who have come to the site today to assist in cleaning up the driveway and outside of the building.

"We were kept fuelled by the kind donations from our local Tesco store who dropped off emergency supplies of food and water.

"Last night our driveway resembled the rapids at a theme park and now it is starting to look like a school again."

Mr McCabe added: "Although we have had numerous offers of help we have had to limit teams working in school to ensure that Covid safety measures are put in place. We are keen to open as soon as possible but only when we have been given the green light from the safety experts.

" Young people have missed so much face to face learning this year but their resilience and adaptability have been admirable. Later today we will be in a position to inform the community of when we will be safe to reopen. Parents and carers should keep an eye out for messages from school and all information will be posted on the school facebook page www.facebook.com/StJosephsRCHS."

Monty Lord, Head Boy at St Joseph's RC High School said: "St. Joseph's is far more than just a school building. It's a community hub and the accumulation of everything that embodies the spirit of togetherness. You can really get a feel for that in the caring comments left by parents, students and members of the local community on the Facebook feed of the school.

"The school will be open and be back on its feet again in short time and ready to see off the current Year 11's who are completing their GCSE assessments, as well as intergrating the Year 6's who will be joining the school after the summer break.

"What is particularly heartening to read is the offers of help from our current students and this shows just how much St. Joseph's has become part of their lives, as well as the level of compassion shown by children and young people in today's society. I think it's something that we as students are at times bashful to admit but we do owe a lot to St Joseph's and the staff."

Mia Callow, Head Girl at St. Joseph's RC High School said: "What has happened is such a shame, especially after the last 18 months we've all be through as a school. But we came through it together and we'll get through this together also. The water damage is excessive but Environmental Health are on-site assessing the situation and ensuring we can all return to school as soon as possible. The school are continuing their education provision online so no-one is left behind during the clean-up operations."