A RAPID response vaccination centre will open in Bolton tomorrow morning as part of efforts to stop the spread of coronavirus in the borough.

A new vaccine clinic will spring up at Quebec Hall on Quebec Street, Daubhill, which will which will go live tomorrow 8am-8pm.

It is the latest in a series of efforts to stop the spread of the India variant which is prominent in Bolton - and has led to the borough having the highest infection rate in the UK - particularly among younger people.

Anyone living, working or studying in BL3 or BL4 postcodes who meet the current criteria will be able to get the Pfizer vaccine for first doses only.

People aged 38 and over or aged 16 and over and in a high-risk category are eligible for the vaccine.

Dawn Lythgoe, of Bolton GP Federation, said: "We are doing everything we can to make this vaccine as accessible as possible.

"A new vaccine clinic, 8am to 8pm right in the heart of the community."

Residents are coming forward to receive vaccinations in Bolton as concerns over the Indian variant of Covid-19 grow.

Dr Helen Wall, clinical lead of the borough's vaccination programme, revealed that people came forward over the weekend who perhaps had been reluctant to get the jab when they were first invited to do so.

She said that more than 6,200 vaccines were administered in the area over the weekend and long queues of people were seen waiting for vaccines across the borough.

Dr Wall told BBC Breakfast: "We’re seeing people coming forward that clearly had the option to have the jab for some time – older people, disabled people – and they’ve chosen to come forward now.

"I think in part that’s because we brought this into the community as a trusted place, but also the things that are going on in Bolton are quite worrying for people and I think that’s given some push to people coming forward now for the vaccine."

She said before the weekend there were around 10,000 people in the area in the highest priority groups – those deemed to be clinically vulnerable and the over-50s – who were yet to be vaccinated, but added: “I’m hoping that we’ve made a big dent into that now”.

Michael Smith, chief officer of Bolton GP Federation added: "This weekend was only the beginning."