FLOODING in parts of Horwich reached depths of two feet, and literally swept people off their feet.

Debra Martin was knocked off her feet by the force of the water as she tried to make her way up Austins Lane after returning from the stables in Aspull.

Despite driving a 4x4 she was forced to abandon it by the Post Office in Lostock.

Her husband Simon said: "She tried to make her way up Austins Lane but the force of the water knocked her off her feet and sent her careering down the lane at speed.

"A group of teenage lads who were pushing their bikes stopped to help and offered to assist her up the lane.

"My wife is 5ft and the water was at a waist at one point.

"Her phone was found by the body shop nearby who phoned up to let her know they had it.

"I just want the teenage lads and the body shop to know how grateful we are and to say thank you."

Debra suffered cuts and grazes but was able to make her way home.