A PIZZA oven and tree house built in a residential garden have been denied retrospective planning permission.

Bolton Council planners have knocked back the plans, which refer to a residence on Ansdell Road, Horwich.

The structures, which have already been built, were the subject of the plans along with a single storey extension at the rear of the property.

A report from planners turning down the application, said: “The structures are sited up to the boundary, the tree house almost touches the rear and side boundary corner, the structures form a bulky visual addition to the garden scene when viewed from all surrounding properties.

“The extraction and ventilation from the pizza house is very close to neighbouring boundaries.

“While this could be compared to the use of a domestic BBQ officers consider that the host structure can be in use all year round with protection from all weathers.”

“The scale of the proposed extension is considered excessive for the host dwelling and would be partly visible from the street.”

The report said two letters had been received objecting to the retention of the outbuildings on the grounds they exceeded 2.5m in height within two metres of the boundary.

The report concluded that the ‘outbuildings would, by virtue of design, height, and siting be detrimental to the character and appearance of the area’.