A BANNED motorist who was caught drink-driving for a fourth time has been spared jail.

Wigan magistrates heard how Alfredas Bardauskas, aged 39, of Queengate, Bolton, was already disqualified from holding a driving licence and had no insurance when police found him behind the wheel of a Volvo on Bedford Street, Bolton, on February 19.

Breath tests showed he had drunk more than double the legal alcohol limit.

Bardauskas pleaded guilty to drink driving and driving while banned and without insurance. The court heard that it is his fourth conviction for drink-driving and second for driving while banned.

He was banned from applying for a driving licence for seven years, sentenced to 20 weeks in prison, suspended for 18 months and ordered to abstain from consuming any alcohol for 60 days. He was also electronically tagged and made subject to a 7pm to 6am curfew for 16 weeks. He must also participate in 10 days of rehabilitation activities and pay £213 in costs and charges.