GARDEN thieves in Bolton are using DRONES to scope out properties and target those worth raiding.

Thefts from gardens have skyrocketed in the last year - as Brits have spent hundreds of pounds upgrading their outdoor spaces.

The Bolton News: CCTV footage of the thievesCCTV footage of the thieves

CCTV shows thieves stealing valuable York stones from gardens in Bolton - and residents have also reported the use of drones overhead as crooks target high value items outside homes. 

The claims were made on the BBC Morning Live show - and presenter Rav Wilding spoke to one victim as well as a salvage yard boss in Bolton.

The Bolton News:

Householder Kirsty Phillips, whose home was targeted for the historic stone at the front of the property last year, said: "It's a big deal and when it's happening to you it is upsetting.

"It's unbelievable that someone can just have the front to come into your garden and steal stone flags to make a few quid and leave you with all the mess."

The Bolton News:

Security footage showed thieves targeting another property nearby to Kirsty's home.

And the programme said reports on social media claimed drones had been reported scoping out homes in Bolton.

The Bolton News:

There was a 50 per cent increase in garden claims last year according to Halifax.

And Admiral said claims had been higher than in the previous five years.

During lockdown Brits spent £16bn improving their gardens.

The Bolton News:

The average household spent £240 on renovations and £180 on accessories.

One Bolton salvage yard boss told the BBC how they work with police to help identify stolen property.

The Bolton News: Salvage yard boss StephenSalvage yard boss Stephen

He said: "We take ID and driving licence details from people.

"We also get alerts from Greater Manchester Police when there has been a theft in the local area and we keep our eyes open for that."

Rav gave viewers tips on how to protect their gardens.

You can watch his advice here: