A BUILDING housing flats has been given permission to be converted into a single five-bedroomed house with various extensions.

The large detached property, on the junction of Broadway and Silverdale Road, Farnworth, was previously a trio of flats.

Bolton Council have also given permission for the erection of a single storey porch at the front and two-storey side and first floor rear extensions.

The application was filed by Mr S Naran.

A planning officer’s report, stated: “This is a detached two storey property, brick built and partly rendered, facing into the junction of Broadway and Silverdale Road.

“A large detached property is angled at each of the four corners of this junction, all facing into the junction.

“The property is currently three flats and the ground floor has a greater floorspace and hosts two of the three flats.

“Gardens are located at the front and both sides, the rear of the property is built close to the common boundary.

“Immediate surrounding neighbours are in residential use.

“The surrounding area is characterised by residential use thus the change of use to a single dwelling is considered wholly acceptable.

“Officers consider that there could potentially be less comings and goings on site if the application is approved than with the existing three flats.

“The proposed extensions would not detrimentally impact on the neighbouring dwellings owing to their proposed siting.”

Officers considered impact on the character and appearance of the site and surrounding area, impact on neighbouring amenity and effects on the highway but did not find fault with the application on those grounds.

No objections to the plans were received by the council from within the surrounding area.

Three off street parking spaces are provided within the proposal, one of which is a garage space.

All the proposals have now been approved by Bolton Council.