A CAMPAIGN to help a nursery with funding shortages has been launched by a local MP.

Grosvenor Nursery in Farnworth is facing funding shortages, according to Yasmin Qureshi, with a disparity between funding and overhead and staffing costs - as well as the large deficit created as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic.

A new report has revealed that more than a third of maintained nursery schools are cutting staffing and services to balance their books as a result of lost income.

Maintained nursery schools have lost on average over £70,000 of income, as well as having to spend at least £8,000 for additional Covid-related costs.

85 per cent of all Grosvenor students live in the Farnworth or Kearsley area, which falls within Ms Qureshi’s constituency, with 91 per cent of students hailing from areas which are among the 'most deprived' in the UK.

During the visit, Ms Qureshi was given a tour of the Lord Street nursery by headteacher Susan Pounds, and chair of governors Daniel Eden - as well as a presentation on the nursery and its offerings.

Ms Qureshi said: "The work Grosvenor and other nurseries in Bolton do is vital. Early years learning is crucial to child development and there is ample research that the first 1,000 days of a child’s life is the most important.”

“It is distressing therefore that the Government are unwilling to address the crisis facing early years education.”

“Nurseries like Grosvenor need properly funding to ensure they can provide excellent special educational need services which ensure children with complex needs get the support they require.

Grosvenor Nursery provides a range of services to young children but in particular has a track record in providing support for children with special education needs.

Ofsted have rated Grosvenor Nursery an “Outstanding” setting – the Nursery School in 2017 and the Day Care Centre in 2018.

Chris Green, who represents neighbouring Bolton West, said: "I am not aware of Grosvenor or their concerns as they do not operate within my area, so do not feel able to comment on the points Yasmin has raised.

"However, I am happy to work with Bolton Council and any nurseries in my constituency that may get in touch with me with their concerns."