Two vehicles have been reported for speeding on a Horwich road where a garden wall was destroyed in a crash yesterday afternoon.

On Saturday around 3.30pm a fire crew from Horwich fire station was called to the scene on Lever Park Avenue, where a black Vauxhall Astra had came off the road and collided with a garden wall.

Following a positive drugs test at the scene, the alleged culprit was arrested for two offences - drug driving and due care.

Police were back on this road today conducting speed enforcement, with more cars caught speeding.

Firstly a motorbike was recorded going 47mph, which failed to stop for police, before later being spotted in Tyldesley.

Later on, police say a Ford Focus was stopped after it was recorded travelling 41mph on the road.

A GMP Traffic post said: "Police been back out conducting speed enforcement on Lever Park Avenue Horwich.

"A motorbike was recorded at 47mph which then failed to stop. It was pursued into lancs before being sighted later in Tyldesley.

The Bolton News: The crash in Lever Park Avenue, Horwich on Saturday June 5 afternoonThe crash in Lever Park Avenue, Horwich on Saturday June 5 afternoon

"Driver identified and he will be expecting a knock on his door."

A Horwich councillor expressed their frustration after the incident yesterday, saying more needs to be done about speeding on the road.

Cllr Marie Brady said: "Yet another drug addled idiot speeding and crashing on a residential road.

"There is one speed camera on Lever Park Avenue approaching Horwich, it was also recently agreed to use Area Forum funding to install one on the other side.

"These cameras record and display the speed with a visual warning. The data is passed to the police for them to assess and take further action.

"I will ask Bolton Council Highways and GMP whether the data shows more robust measures are needed and if so, what these will be."