A FAMILY firm in Astley Bridge has created some magical stained-glass windows for the new flag ship Harry Potter store in New York.

The Stained Leaded Glass Company, founded by Andrew Seddon who runs it with his wife Corina, was commissioned to create the window panels for the shop which opened last week.

Featuring the word 'butterbeer'- a popular wizards' drink featured in the books and films, the window panes were inspired by traditional stained glass designs.

The panels were made in Bolton and were shipped to the USA in April.

They now sit above the entrance to the Butterbeer Bar within the store, which sells Harry Potter merchandise.

Tamsin Seddon, Andrew's daughter-in-law said: "We were actually approached by a company based in Yorkshire, which was sourcing the stained glass for the store in New York.

"There are three panels in total which say Butterbeer. We were given a basic design which we used as a base and went from there.

"It was inspired by traditional English stained glass windows in pubs.

"The main challenge in making the windows was lockdown. The store was meant to open last year but it was delayed."

The family-run business was founded in 1991 by Andrew, but this was the first time they've been commissioned to create something like this.

Tamsin added: "I think the team really enjoyed working on it because it was less traditional than the designs we usually work on.

"Not including the design process, it took around a month for the actual manufacture of the windows and they were then shipped over in April.

"We haven't been invited to see them but I'm sure we will go one day - we are Harry Potter fans so it would be great to see them."

The shop boasts the largest collection of Harry Potter merchandises in the world across 21,000 square feet of floor space.

It also features genuine props from the films, and models of creatures well-known to fans, including Fawkes the Phoenix.