A SUSHI restaurant has opened up at Bolton Market - and is thriving now that coronavirus restrictions are starting to ease.

Nishi Sushi restaurant owner Whaqil Mahmud, who lives in Bolton town centre, opened up the premises earlier this year - and decided that the market was the ideal location.

He said: “Sushi depends on fish, and I have a fish market near my shop - so all the raw materials are very easy to find, and it’s supporting the other traders at the same time.

“It’s easy in this pandemic time to open small businesses in public places like Bolton Market.”

Menu items include traditional Japanese dishes like sashimi, hosomaki and nagiri - a small, delicious treat that features thinly-sliced raw fish laid over sweet and salty vinegared rice.

Also on offer are a range of starters including chilli squid, prawn tempura and miso soup.

Despite hailing a successful lockdown period for deliveries earlier this year, Whaqil is thrilled that things are finally starting to open up again just in time for summer.

“We are currently serving between 20 and 30 customers a day,” he added.

As well as being available to buy in person at stall D-7 in Bolton Market, home deliveries can also be ordered through Deliveroo and Just Eat - with a special offer currently running.

Customer purchasing orders worth more than £20 get 20 per cent of the bill.