METRO Mayor Andy Burnham has said that he doesn't support the idea of removing a portrait of the Queen from a common room at Oxford University.

Reports said a college committee voted to take it down due to concerns over its colonial links.

Andy Burnham told Nick Ferrari on LBC: "These kind of gestures are getting a bit out of hand. We should always respect the Queen but particularly now given things that have happened in the last few months. 

"I don't support that. Let’s get a sense of proportion and a bit of respect.

"People can air their views but those kind of gestures are divisive actually – they just divide people, and I don’t think they achieve much, to be honest.”

Communities Secretary Robert Jenrick called the row over Oxford University students removing a picture of the Queen “student union politics” but said he was “proud” to have a portrait of the monarch in his office.

“Well, this really is student union politics, and I’m not going to get involved in that – it’s their decision,” he told BBC Breakfast.

“I have a portrait of the Queen on my office wall in my Government department and I’m proud to do so.”

Asked about Gavin Williamson’s comments, Mr Jenrick said: “I’m a huge fan and supporter of Her Majesty the Queen, I think we are incredibly lucky to live in a country with a head of state of her stature.

“I wouldn’t want anyone to disrespect her out of ignorance in this way but I don’t think that we should waste too much time on student union politics.”